Purchasing a Mosler


Once you decide to purchase a sports car, you need to make sure that you are going to get a full return on your investment. Mosler performance sports cars are often considered to be collectible. These cars were manufactured up until 2013. Warren Mosler built race cars that were designed to impress the driver on any course. Often boasting horsepower capabilities of roughly 500 miles per hour, these speed machines were built to take on most any condition...Read More

Appeal of Mosler Vehicles


Sports cars attract a niche group of consumers who love to collect cars, ior to race them religiously. They aren’t for the average joe who just needs a family sedan to meet his daily needs. Sports cars, or super cars like the ones produced by Mosler, are all the rage for people who seek exceptional design and performance capabilities. The appeal of these vehicles has reached cult-like status for many people located in Europe as well. Many factors contribute to their popularity. When you see a Mosler coming down the road, it looks unlike any other car that you have ever witnessed... Read More