Choosing a Track for Your Mosler


Mosler ownership comes with its perks. You get to show off an incredibly beautiful example of automobile craftsmanship, while impressing your friends and family with its performance capabilities. Unfortunately, race cars that are not street legal provide few options in terms of roadways to test the speed and handle of a performance car of this magnitude. In fact, many Mosler owners rarely have the chance to even showcase what their car can do as a result. The key is to choose the right track for your Mosler. There are tracks located throughout the U.S., and each one has its own unique sets of challenging aspects. Here are some ways to choose the right track for your test runs.

It's incredibly important to choose a track that will test the car in multiple ways. The ideal track is one with long straight aways, and tight turns. Although we would all love to have access to the ideal track, this is just not possible due to time restrictions and price, in some cases. Road courses are great choices because they allow you to navigate many different twists and turns to test the ways in which the car handles them. Oval tracks are preferred by Mosler owners who mostly care abut the car's top speed.

The conditions in which you choose to drive will depend largely on your experience level. Some sports car owners purposely drive on tracks during wet conditions to test tire grip. Others prefer zero wind and bluebird sunny skies. You must recognize your own experience level before you attempt more difficult track options. A novice driver is better suited to driving on an oval track during optimal weather conditions in order to minimize the chance of an accident taking place. Take the time to choose your test track wisely.