Mosler Sets the Standard for Performance


Warren Mosler is a pioneer in the world of sports car manufacturing. His designs and car models helped to shape the ways in which other manufacturers chose to build their cars during the early 1990’s. Mosler’s notable car models include the MT900, and Raptor, two of the more popular models within his line. Although these models halted production in 2013, many other car manufacturers use them to base their own designs. Several factors come into play as to why other car makers chose Mosler to help them to achieve their goals. One of the main reasons is that Mosler always pushed boundaries, and never settled for second best.

Many race car drivers conduct custom jobs on their cars in order to gain a competitive edge. This allows them to achieve new speeds, and it enables them to build a car that can handle well, regardless of who is driving. Some sports cars, like the Porsche, are hard for the average person to drive. They require a skilled driver who understands how to take hair-pin turns at high speeds. Mosler built cars that had some degree of driver forgiveness, thus making them popular among people who were new to the sport of auto racing.

Mosler cars feature custom options that are actually standard for their given models. Engines are capable of producing 500 horsepower, and lighter materials are used to build the body of the car so that it can handle much more quickly. Carbon fiber materials are used to ensure that the car’s body remains as light as possible. Better street tire options come standard as well. They’re designed to hold the road so that the driver can concentrate on winning a race.

Competitor car manufactures recognized that Mosler produced vehicles with much better aerodynamics than some other standard race car options. In fact, these cars sit lower to the ground in order to ensure much faster start times. Some models of his cars can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. This is an incredible speed burst that requires a powerful engine, and the right adjustments.

Interestingly, Mosler set the modern standard blueprint for showing others how to make their racing cars street legal. This was important because it brought other buyers into the market, thus bringing more income to the manufacturers. However, this was not done at the expense of the car’s capabilities. The system in which Mosler workers prioritize car building needs is another reason why competitors remain in awe of the way these machines are built. When a car doesn’t measure up to par during races, then adjustments are made standard so that future cars remain competitive for many years to come.