Mosler and Automotive History


One of the most well-known super car manufacturers is Mosler Automotive. It was based in Florida, and was founded by Warren Mosler in 1985. It went by the name Consulier Industries. Some of the more notable super cars which were manufactured included the MT900S, which was legal to drive on the street, and the MT900R racer. Manufacturing locations included St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, England, as well. Mosler super cars are known for their performance, but also for their incredible eye-catching appeal. They capture the imagination of sports car enthusiasts from around the world.

Mosler was a man who never lacked confidence in his abilities to build a super machine. He was so confident that at one point he offered a reward of $25,000.00 to any person who was able to race a street-legal car around and track in the United States, and beat his Consulier GTP model. One challenger took on the feat, and that challenger was Car and Driver magazine. They chose to race a stock Chevy Corvette around the track against the Consulier GTP. The race took place in Chelsea, Michigan, and as it turned out, both cars were driven 3 laps to determine the times. The Corvette turned in a better lap time, and there were some complaints regarding the way the Consulier handled the track.

As it turned out, Mosler revealed that the test car was an older model, and it needed work. The tires and brake pads were worn out, and this affected the performance of the vehicle. Warren Mosler took on the challenge to make the necessary fixes to his super car, and he sent new brake pads to be installed. Car and Driver, however, didn’t like this, as they argued a new test run meant a new driver would be used, thus affecting the way the cars were driven. Mosler even tried to inform them that they could use any driver they pleased, but the magazine company refused. As a result, Car and Driver magazine ended up publishing a negative review for the car. The company also claimed that Mosler refused to uphold his end of the bargain.

Mosler was never deterred, however, and the company continued to make incredibly beautiful and powerful vehicles. Over the years, the Consulier GTP competed in several races before being banned from racing in the year 1991. Approximately 100 Consulier GTP models were produced. Interestingly, the early 1990’s brought on renewed enthusiasm for Mosler to develop a more environmentally friendly vehicle. They produced smaller commuter cars, electric cars, and composite-body cargo vans to show a dedication to a greener environment.

The Mosler automotive brand is one that is synonymous with confidence and performance. Warren Mosler cared deeply about creating race and road cars that not only caught your attention, but also exceeded performance expectations. These cars are still iconic among collectors. Car clubs often feature them as center pieces for people who appreciate their fine craftsmanship and dedication to supreme excellence.